FEEDJIT Maintenance Window Friday March 7th 8pm-8am PST

March 5, 2008

Feedjit will be undergoing routine maintainance on Friday March 7th from 8pm Pacific Time to the following morning (Saturday) 8am Pacific Time.

For our European customers this is 0400 GMT to 1600 GMT on Saturday March 8th 2008.

For our Japanese and Asian customers this window is Saturday March 8th from 13:00 to Sunday March 9th at 0100 Tokyo Time.

This maintenance will not slow down the performance of your website. Our web servers will be up and responding to any requests. The only effect is that Feedjit’s home page will not be available and your Feedjit widgets will not appear on your website during this window.

We’ve reserved a 12 hour window during which Feedjt may be unavailable but we’re hoping to only use a fraction of that time.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other issue, please contact us at support@feedjit.com.

Mark Maunder – Feedjit Founder & CEO


  1. Whew! I thought I broke something. :)

  2. Glad to hear someone actually reads our maintenance message. :)

    Things are going well and we’re hoping to finish a few hours early. I’ll post a message here when we’re done and of course you’ll see the servers come back up.

    Mark Maunder.

  3. Thanks for putting out the word of the outage – I was wondering if Blogger was acting up again and loading my template incorrectly.

    The Feedjit widgets are exceptionally useful. Keep up the great work!:-D

  4. Thank you for the information! You have a very good service.
    Best regards!

  5. You are very special, google analitycs and stat counter too orwellian for me!, sorry for my bad english, saludos from Spain.