Making Feedjit better, faster, free’er with extra awesomeness!

April 24, 2010

Tonight we launched another update to Feedjit’s site and the live traffic feed (the LTF). We’ve had a huge amount of positive feedback on our launch 2 weeks ago. Turns out you all love being able to see who is visiting your site and being able to contact them. But you didn’t like the complicatedness (well, it’s a word now!) of the signup. You wanted the old grab-and-go Feedjit back.

So as of right now when you click “Click to get Feedjit” at the bottom of the LTF you are taken to radically simple one step install. Click here to try it out now – No Signup required!!

We are also for the very first time showing you our 80 newest members on the home page. One of the things I love about Feedjit is the global diversity of our community. We have American’s, Malaysians, folks from India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil and many other countries all around the world.

You probably noticed the little face appear at the top of your traffic feed. We radically simplified the way your readers can appear in your widget. Instead of taking them through a complicated signup and offering them the LTF, we simply asked them to sign in using Twitter or Facebook and they’re taken right back to your blog or website. So you don’t lose any pageviews but you get to see who’s visiting and are able to contact them.

But we went one further. [And this is the awesome part!] When your visitors appear in your LTF, they can choose to invite their friends to your blog via Facebook and Twitter and those friends will also appear in your LTF. So with Feedjit your blog goes Viral. Click here to see a few of the invites flying around on Twitter right now.

We’re just getting started. Keep an eye on this blog for a few exciting new announcements in the coming weeks.

Mark & Kerry – The Feedjit Founders.